I'm Emily, a passionate portrait and wedding photographer based in Sussex who travels across the United Kingdom. My photography journey started from a very young age, finding solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature and my camera. Over time, this passion evolved into a mission to help others connect with the great outdoors, promoting wellness, mindfulness, and grounding practices through my photographic work.

Drawing inspiration from natural lighting and filmic colours, I seamlessly blend the essence of analogue cameras into digital photography. With over a decade of photography studying and experience, as well as almost six years capturing weddings and portraits professionally, I've honed my craft, developing unique, carefully crafted film-inspired colour grades. Each image I capture undergoes natural layered refinements, preserving every detail thoughtfully.

My photography approach is relaxed and unobtrusive, allowing subjects to fully immerse themselves in the present moment. I have a particular fondness for intimate weddings and events that align with sustainability values, promoting a conscious approach to celebrating joy and commitment.

Diversity, inclusivity, body acceptance, and ethical living are core values that profoundly influence every aspect of what I choose to capture. My work is a reflection of these principles, ensuring an authentic and meaningful representation of each story I tell.

If you're looking for a photographer with a true passion for storytelling and a profound connection with nature, I'm here to collaborate and create visuals that not only resonate but also encapsulate genuine reflection and meaningful connection with others.

Kind words

“We're so happy with Emily's photos of our special day. From the initial ice breaking conversations, to the advice and guidance given, Emily was great. She worked tirelessly on the day to get the best composition for our pics. The finished photos are absolutely stunning, the format in which to access them is very user friendly and we will cherish the photos for ever more.”

“Emily is such a lovely person, she made me feel so comfortable during the shoot. She has an amazing eye and is really creative with ideas.
She is so talented and I am so pleased with the results! I really recommend booking a brand shoot with Emily.”

“Emily is an AMAZING photographer. She took the best photos at our wedding. She is friendly, professional and the photos are great quality and we are very glad we hired her to do the photos at our wedding. We were so so pleased with our engagement photos too. Thank you so much”

“My photography experience with Emily was very refreshing. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome.  I also liked that she was very professional. I would recommend her for anybody who wants to capture their authentic self in pictures. Emily offers a whole experience, not just a photoshoot.”

Quality over Quantity

Availability is limited for weddings in 2025

By consciously limiting the number of wedding bookings I accept, I ensure that each couple receives my undivided attention, time, and creativity. This approach allows me to focus on capturing the essence of your special day with unmatched dedication.

I will only take on a select few weddings in 2025, so please check my availability on your date and let me know what you're planning!

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