Infectious Illness & Sickness Policy

for emily edgar photography

(previously known as 'Covid 19 Policy & Guidance')

following guidance

Please ensure that you, the Client(s) or Associate(s), are aware of the latest guidance and guidelines found on the UK government website in regards to any current pandemics/epidemics, such as Covid-19.

Emily Edgar also asks that all Clients and Associates continue with regular hand-washing, to check they have no symptoms of illness prior to a shoot. The Photographer will usually carry hand sanitising gel and is able to wear a face covering when requested.


Emily assumes you, as the Client(s) or Associate(s) do not have any of the following symptoms: high temperature (hot to touch on your chest or back), a new persistent and continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. All Client(s) and Associate(s) must notify the photographer if they have any of these symptoms for more than two consecutive days, in writing to:

In the event that Emily contracts symptoms of an illness, she will seek a diagnosis from a test or medical professional. She will also notify you immediately and will likely arrange an associate professional photographer or reschedule if this is possible. 

rescheduling and postponements

With all types of infectious sicknesses or illness, including Covid-19, if you have any symptoms of a sickness or illness please do not attend any event(s) or photoshoot(s) which can be easily rescheduled. For example, portrait sessions. Please write an email to the photographer to arrange a new suitable date:

The Photographer has the right to a safe working environment, and does not want to her Client(s) or Associate(s) to feel uncomfortable during a photoshoot or event, as this will also have an effect on the final images.

For weddings and other important events, the decision to postpone the date is the Client(s) prerogative and the photographer agrees to be understanding and fair. For her own health and safety, Emily Edgar does have the right to arrange an associate photographer to capture the event on her behalf.

Postponements made NOT in conjunction with any restrictions or evidenced severe/moderate sickness or illnesses may be subject to a postponement fee as stated in our agreement, due to the loss of business and admin time incurred in association with reserving the original event/shoot date as well as, making new amendments for the new event/shoot date. 


Please refer to the cancellation clause found in our original written agreement, as this still applies to all bookings. This is only effected when there are lawful changes made by the government e.g. banning of wedding ceremonies. Under this circumstance the photographer will seek legal guidance and communicate with any Client(s) effected.

queries and health & safety assessments

Any queries or concerns surrounding infectious illnesses and sickness, should be made in writing to

Emily Edgar is willing to provide a health and safety risk assessment as and when required.

This policy is subject to future updates.